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How do I get my event listed on the website?

Simple, send a press release with all pertinent details to us here: info@ppbcinc.com to submit an event or submit a venue.


When will you post my event or venue on the website?

Listings do not go live immediately, but we should be able to get yours posted within a few days.


Why didn’t you post my event?

We do our best to feature fun things to do in the city and suburbs that are open to the public . This may exclude some events that are, for example, more educational in nature – such as medical seminars – or focused on specific services, such as support groups. Our intention here is not to dismiss the value of any event. Rather, we want to be consistent in our coverage. If you think your listing was omitted in error, please let us know.


Why didn’t you post my venue?

It’s possible that your venue falls outside of our targeted coverage area. Although we do list a lot of businesses, such as restaurants, theaters and bars, this is not a business directory, but an eventt guide to the city and suburbs. If you think your listing was omitted in error, please let us know.


My business offers great deals and specials. How can I get those listed?

Please contact us.


Why did you edit my listing? I liked it better the way I had it.

We have specific style guidelines for all digital content on the website, so please don’t take our edits personally! We edit everyone’s listings, including our own, to fit our style guidelines. If you would like to post additional information about your venue or event, please contact us.


How can I change details about my event or venue?

We love it when you keep us in the loop! To update your event or venue please contact us.




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